Best Tacos in Los Cabos

Hi I am KT Morgan the host of Cabosfinest your insider’s guide to Los Cabos. Tacos are believed to be invented in the Silver mines in Mexico during the 18th Century. The Fish Taco is a decidedly Baja invention being claimed by Ensenada and San Felipe. 

In any event we can agree that tacos are distinctly Mexican and absolutely delicious. Here we bring you the top 5 taco restaurants in Los Cabos. Before you start commenting on this list be aware these is our personal favorites and there are hundreds if not thousands of amazing tacos all Baja and over the world. Viva Tacos!

First up we feature La Lupitas Tacos and Mezcal. This is an upscale taco spot that opened a few top years ago in the Historic Art District in Downtown San Jose and has expanded into Cabo San Lucas near Medano Beach. They take the standard taco to new heights with their fresh ingredients and unique salsas. Instead of bringing you the stripped down version where you add the Coleslaw, pico de galla, chipotle sauces, etc… they in their infinite wisdom garnish each style to the best of their idea of the perfect taco. pairing this with an appropriate Mezcal pumps up the flavor as well as the fiesta. Both locations are festive and offer occasional live music.

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