Octopus Super Yacht

Today is a record-breaking event. Super yacht Octopus just rolled into our bay, smashing the record as the largest private super yacht to ever sail into our bay. The previous record was Yacht A mere 390 feet and is now the second-largest yacht after Octopus at a whopping 414 ft. She is one of the largest private vessels in the world and has an interesting backstory.

Octopus has eight enormous decks, including a private owners’ deck, Octopus can host up to 26 lucky individuals in 13 staterooms and has a crew of 63 spread across 30 cabins. Entertainment facilities include several bars, a spa, library, cinema, gym, basketball court and multiple lounges. It has two helicopter pads on the main deck: a twin pad and hangars at the stern and a single pad on the bow; and a 43-foot tender docked in the transom and a landing craft. There are a total of seven tenders aboard. Sadly super yacht this is not available for charter but rest assured there are many more affordable options if you are so inclined. For a wide range of sizes and prices, go to cabosfinest.com.

I will keep watching and bringing you more yacht videos as Los Cabos continues to be enjoyed by world’s most amazing sea going vessels. If you like what we are doing, please give us a thumbs up, subscribe and share us with your Los Cabos loving friends. Thank you for watching.

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