Loreto Baja and Mantareya investment condos

Hi I am KT Morgan the host of Cabosfinest your insider’s guide to Los Cabos. In todays episode we are taking a legendary road trip up the baja from Los Cabos to Loreto. This drive north is stunning and offers a wide array of views and topography. The final 2 hours are especially inspiring with the Sierra de la Gigantas offering an endless variety of mountain vistas. As you descend and see the Sea of Cortez it gets harder to drive with the distracting nature scenes, islands, arroyos and distant resorts and golf courses. We pulled into our home rental in plenty of time to get settled, toast to our great day of driving and make plans for dinner. Everyone we meet is so happy and playful. The locals and tourists all blend together and the feel good vibe is everywhere.

On our second day we head north to tour the newest real estate and resort development at Danzante Bay. We met with our old friends Carey and Danea Lowe representing Mantarraya Condomimiums. These 2-4 bedroom units are exceptional and the lifestyle at Danzante is barefoot luxury on the Sea of COrtez. Their TPC golf course is a wonder of engineering and design in the stark desert meets the Sea contrast of colors and variety of golf holes. With a wide variety of sizes and prices and we are pleased to promote this exceptional project. Contact us today for current prices and availability. On our way back to
Loreto we stop at Puerto Escondido and tour this world class marina complex. These natural islands, peninsulas and bays are a welcome oasis for the yachting set. a they have added stores, a bar and restaurant and even a pool,on the roof with more spectacular views. Ask any sailor where is the best cruising in the world and the Sea of Cortez is on evenones short list. After a hearty and delicious hamburger lunch we stop at Playa Juanico and then back to Loreto.

Loreto is the original Capital of the Californias. Established in 1697 by the Jesuits from Spain with the first successful Mission Loreto. The Capital moved to Monterey in 1777. The Jesuits were not well liked and were replaced by the barely more tolerable Franciscans in 1767. Due to a lack of water at the original Mission Loreto they decided to move upstream to San Javier. We decided to drive the 50 minute mountain road and we were so impressed with the quality of the road and the great day trip up the mountains. The further you climb the more water we found. Around every turn the dramatic mountains reveal themselves with new angles and colors and shadows. Caves and canyons give way to dry creeks that start to show pools of stagnant water. then as you continue the climb the water shows movement and becomes a stream. It is at the top of the range that we see the signs for San Javier and the working Mision and small town. Can you imagine the hardship of living here hundreds of years ago and making this barren desert fertile. Well that is the can do spirit of Mexico that lives on throughout the Baja and all over this wonderful country.

We return to Centro in time to watch the Dia de Muertos celebrations in the town square or zocalo. What a rich tradition of paying respect an homage to those that brought us life. The positive and fun celebration is in no way sad nor depressing. It is respecting the process of life and death and the cycle of beginings and endings.

Loreto has so much to offer those seeking a vacation, a season away from the cold north or for those that decide to make Baja their permanent home. Is it the endless shoreline of beaches and islands? or is it the gorgeous mountains spilling into the Sea? Maybe it is the laid back lifestyle where everyone has a knowing smile. Perhaps the land of manana is ready for you today. In any event be sure to put Loreto on your shortlist of places to explore. Believe us when we say you will not regret the effort.

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