Top Things to do in Los Cabos

As one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Los Cabos has a wide variety of appeal. To make your next trip a genius experience we bring you the top things to do, the finest places to stay and the best places to eat while visiting this amazing beach town. We will show you an insider’s perspective on where to go and what to do. Imagine how better your trip can be when you know a local with years of experience, well guess what you already do. So whether you are coming for a long weekend, a three-month escape or relocating here permanently, these are the three essential steps to an outstanding experience in Los Cabos.

First up we bring you the top things to do– We are blessed with amazing weather year round so depending on your desire we can assist you in finding the best ways to play. During the winter peak season, whale watching is the number 1 activity. You can choose from a wide range of options from specific tours with marine biologists or a snorkeling tour to Santa Maria, fishing charter or any sunset cruises. All you have to do is get out on the water, and you are bound to experience these gentle giants up close and personal. Our videos highlight the adventures and activities from the top service provider’s. If you are adventurous by nature decide any one of these 10 adventure based activities. Of course, Los Cabos is famous as one of the top fishing and sport cruising destinations. With so many great options and so little time let us take the guess work out by using our cultivated list of private yachts, top fishing charters, sailboats, catamarans, and sunset booze cruises. The same is true for golfing, off-roading and exploring. These up-to-date videos will educate you on the where to go and what to do. Also be sure to leave your resort and try the off the beaten path beaches featured here in the top ten beaches Los Cabos. We also love the 4 hour Loop Road and let spontaneity by your guide. Don’t forget to head up to the mountains for hiking and exploring the endless valleys and waterfalls. Yes Los Cabos is one of the most popular destinations in the world and for solid reasons. Our gorgeous coastline encompasses hundreds of miles of beaches, craggy shoreline, endless bays, islands and estuaries. The enormity of the mountains and cacti strewn valleys and dry creek beds is an adventurers dream land. All you have to do is book your flight and start planning. We make it easy and look forward to bringing you more of Cabos Finest.

Next up, we show you the finest places to stay-

We have found that booking the right resort, boutique hotel or vacation villa will make or break your trip. Every person and every trip is unique and there are no easy answers and plenty of choices. We take the guess work out by providing you with the finest in each category. If All Inclusive is your thing, simply watch our top 10 all-inclusive resorts video. If you prefer a more intimate boutique hotel this is the one to watch. We also show you the very best luxury resorts for those seeking the very finest accommodations. For the budget conscious, you have some nice beachfront options as well. In this video, we highlight the top oceanfront villa rentals for those with large groups. In summary, be sure to pick the best property for your particular group, and you will have started your trip off on the right foot. If you have wisely decided to make Los Cabos your first or second home, simply click our real estate button for an up-to-date list of everything currently for sale based on price or geography. We have been helping families find their perfect paradise for over 18 years and look forward to helping you when your timing is right.

A finally, we bring you where to dine- Eating is one of our personal favorite pastimes. Since almost everyone including the locals are from somewhere else, the abundance of Mexican food is as varied as the colors and flavors from the recipes handed down from generations of proud grandmas. We are equally blessed to have such a wide variety of international options as well. With literally hundreds of options in which to choose, you will love our essential restaurant lists featured here. We show you the 15 essential Cabo restaurants, 10 in San Jose and also highlight restaurants further out in Cerritos, Todos Santos and beyond. We also take you to our favorite affordable taco joints. You can rest assured your next trip to Los Cabos will be a culinary delight.

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